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XxX...Tori...XxX's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07 Apr 2002|03:29pm]
well people who read this ( wiich means me. b/c I'm the only one who reas this pathetic thing) I have deided I needed a change. so from now on. I will be upating at:frozen_glitter.blogspot.com I thinks theres a www b4 that but I dunno. well. bye.
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[06 Apr 2002|04:19pm]
lol. life sure is pathetic when the only email you ever seem to get is junkmail. ::pouts:: at least I have my livejournal to bitch to.
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[06 Apr 2002|02:47pm]
for like the 3rd time in two days it's snowing. odd.
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[05 Apr 2002|10:47pm]
was looking at a chart today about height precentile ( like for age) and it seems I fall in the 5% catagory. wow. that means like 95% of 14 year old girls are taller then me. well. alright then.
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[05 Apr 2002|05:26pm]
I'm cool. b/c I'm bored. yeah. so there.
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[05 Apr 2002|03:32pm]
you know what hurts? when you're dancing around like a crazy person just because you're in one of those crazy caffience induced moods,and you go to kick you leg up like a New York City Rockette and a metal chair prevents you from doing so. ow. I think I broke all my toes in one stupid wierd shot.
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from the kids in the Hall [01 Apr 2002|05:40pm]
A Bruce McCulloch monologue about Old People

[Bruce is in a recliner, with his feet up. There are logs next to him, unlit, yet he is warming his hands over them.]

Bruce: I've got nothing against old people. Really, I mean think about it. It's really hard to be old. Like the sands through the hour glass, so goes the days of our lives. And if you're old, which I'm not, yet, you've got nothing to do but sit around and watch The Days Of Our Lives, the soap opera. I've seen it when I was sick. It's really hard to be an old person. Everything's moving so fast. The sidewalk's like an obstacle course. Your head is dry and flaky like a rice cake. Your hands don't work so good no more. You wave at somebody...and you break your wrist. Your life is, how do I put it, narrowing? Did I mention shrinking? My grandpa is shrinking. He's a nice enough guy; but he's, like, shrinking. You know, you can hear him shrink. By the end of the day, his shoes won't even fit anymore. Kinda sad, actually, buying him children's clothes--tiny little Jurassic Park sweatshirts. Watch out Grandpa or the cat will eat ya! Not a tooth in his head! Sittin' there, shrinkin', watchin' TV, grandma's ashes beside him in an urn--he's getting too weak to even lift the lid off that urn. But is it sad?

Okay, I do have one thing against old people--they are so lazy. Yeah, I mean, they don't have jobs. They're just, like, lazy. It's 10am, you're still in your pajamas--is this place so clean? Well, why don't you sweep the streets? Go build a barn. I know, it's easy to say "go build a barn" with all those old people shrinkin' so bad they can't even hold tools. But they did it in Lilliput--hummin' and singin'. There's actually one very cool thing about old people. Man can they do it. You know, a guy reaches 80, 90 candles and he can just do it. Old people hump like squirrels. You can hear the howling from the old folks' home, or as they call it--Humpin' Heaven Hotel. Old people hump 23 hours a day. They other hour they sit and shrink, watch The Days Of Our Lives.

[Warms his hands over the unlit fire.]

hahahaha I love Bruce McCulloch.

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ugh. [01 Apr 2002|12:25am]
just some things that sumup my spring break...

- I got hit in the face with a frisbee...I have a red mark on my nose. ow.
- The day I take a good picture..... I'll probably have it featured in the obituary section of the newspaper the next day
- my dad thinks I wear too much black
- happy easter
- my dog loves me..so there
- I think I should get a haircut
- I'm shrinking
- I'm doomed to be short
- once report card day coms... I'm dead. ( I think)
- I can never find a gluestick when I need one.
- I like making lists
- I wish someon would host my pitiful example of a site
- I want to see "the kids in the Hall: Brain Candy" really badly
- me=dork
- my mom still makes fun of me for crashing into parkng meters as a kid
- aol is the devil...I wrote an entry b4 this about my shortness and how it's my destiny to be short and aol kicked me off..bastards.
- Spaceghost Coast to Coast is a great show.
- Mel and I went to go see "John Q" on Thursday ....good movie
- I have no clue what the hell I'm watching at the moment
- I'm reading a new book "Gingerbread" by Rachel Cohn... I like it a lot.
- lemonade is yummy
- I just saw a spider.
- I tried to go kill the spider,but it crawled up into a vacumm and will probably find some way to my room to bite me in my sleep and possibly kill me.
- I hate spiders
- I'm serisly bored out of my skull
- this list is getting long
- I hate angelfire.com..violation of terms of service my ass
- I am so pathetic.

yup. spring break. woo.
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.......hot picture [31 Mar 2002|06:08pm]
I was searching around and found the HOTTEST picture of David Faustino possible:

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warped tour line up ( saw on some girls LJ) [24 Mar 2002|06:45pm]
*See this is what makes me wish I was responsible enough to babysit or get a job....

28 Days
Adelaide show support
Agent 51
Alkaline Trio
Anti Flag
Area 7
Autopilot Off
Bad Religion
Blueline Medic
Boy Sets Fire
Bum Ruckus
Casualties, The
Coff Harbour show support
Curl Up and Die
Damned, The
Dynamite Boy
Eskimo Joe
Eye Liners, The
Five Iron Frenzy
Flogging Molly
For Amusement Only
From Autumn To Ashes
Getaway, The
Gold Cost show support
Good Charlotte
Home Grown
Hot Water Music
Johnson Project, The
Lucky 7
Mad Dash, The
Melbourne show support
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The
Morgan Heritage
Mornington show support
Never Heard Of It
New Found Glory
No Use For A Name
One Buck Short
One Dollar Short
Over It
Pistol Grip
Planet Smashers
Reel Big Fish
Riddlin' Kids
Rx Bandits
Second Best
Simple Plan
Sloppy Meateaters
Smackin Isaiah
Small Brown Bike
Something Corporate
Starting Line, The
Stretch Arm Strong
Student Rick
Sunk Loto
Sydney show support
Tiger Army
Toe To Toe
Total Chaos
Tsunami Bomb
Ulladulla show support
Ultimate Fakebook
Useless I.D.
Vandals, The
Will Haven
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[22 Mar 2002|05:30pm]
wow. it's been over two weeks since I've updated.

:: sings it's been awhile, and then slaps self across face for singing such overplayed worn out song ::
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[02 Mar 2002|12:51pm]
yeah. haven't posted in a while. In beween cheerleading, dace, soccer, summit's reach, and all the crap the school has been giving us to do. Ijut ahven' had the chance....I 'll try and post l8tr.LIve journal is a bitch.
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[21 Feb 2002|06:33pm]
cheerleading practice today - plenty of injuries.... Nicole, my stunt groups topper elbowed me in the throat, i got elbowed in the chest..andI injured my tailbone :: cough :: ASS :: cough :: after being knocked oto the ground....

cheerleading, dangerous? ....hell yes.
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[16 Feb 2002|03:15pm]
i'm thinking of starting a zine.

...boredom sucks.
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[15 Feb 2002|10:25pm]
Persidents day weekend - a weekend of furniture sales, cheesy TV marathons, and.....being bored fuckless.

yeah. I know normal people say bored shitless, but I've never really been all that normal. PLus it gives me a chance to say fuck. Oh well. President's Day weekend isn't all that bad and pointless - I get to spend two days of my life without having to go to hell ..also known a math class. actually not even listed as math class on my schedule + report card...it's ALG 2. And it is evil. So evil that I'm being forced to retake it next year due to my stupidness. well, at lest I'm not the only one retaking it.

maybe I'm just cynical and bitter ~ but am I the only one who thinks valentines day is pointless? Even if I did have a boyfriend I still would think it was pointless. I mean, sure it's valentine days but it's also a Thursday..and what's so specail about Thursday?

fuck fuck fuck .... ( I'm bored)

maybe I should tell people I have terrouetes ( or however you spell it) so they stop staring at me oddly when I stand there and say the word fuck about a million times every chance I can.

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[26 Jan 2002|09:53pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

came home and watched "saving Silverman" again. 3rd time in about 24 hours..lol I really need a life.

"Die Replacement Friend!!!!!"


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basket case [26 Jan 2002|10:20am]
[ mood | artistic ]

went to walmart last night...and I saw the hottest guy!I was walkingaround electronic and all of a sudden the PA system came on and it scared me so I kinda jumped..lol. anyways I look up and this dudes just smiling at me ( he saw the whole thing) anyways, he worked there, so he was wearing his stupid uniform but he had his hair spiked, this awesome necklace, and baggy pants. I wish I had a picture of something becuase it's hard to describe him, but I thought he was awesome. An then I'm paying for my cd ( Green Day, Internationl Superhits!) and my video ( Saving Silverman) and he comes up the the cashier with this giant compter on one of those roller things ( I forget wht they're called) and he says to the cashier " you hae to lide this over your scanner thing" ...lol. I thought it was funny. BUt then I left walmart and left the hot guy behind.

so I came home and watched Saving Silverman, while working on posters for summit's reach ( submit people, submit! ) lol, Jack Black own...I'm so pissed I missed hime on SNL last week. ( damn strep throat! Die evil sickness die!)

ow I'm sitting downhere watching Daria: is it collage yt? on MTV.

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[13 Jan 2002|01:47pm]

Gwen Stafani used to be so cool. But now she' s like different, and pretty stupid. blarg.
I mean Tragic Kingdom Gwen, and Return of Staurn Gwen were so cool... but Rock Steady, is just..... lame.
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[13 Jan 2002|01:22pm]
I <3 CKy and Bam Margera muchly.
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surveryness ^_^ [12 Jan 2002|11:02pm]
-another survey, but instead, you use song lyrics instead of a regular answer.

"I think I'm different, but I'm the same and I'm wrong" - Pathetic, Blink 182
" I never win first place, I don't support the team, ( something I forget), and my socks are never clean" - Don't Let Me get me, Pink
"I'm just a girl in the world" - Just a girl, No doubt
"Some girls are crazy" - Boy Crazy, New Found Glory ( lol, sometimes i am kinda crazy )
"Young and hostile but not stupid " - Anthem part 2, Blink 182
"I'm like a begger, with no luck" - No Doubt
"A day late , a buck short ,I'm writing , the report , On losing , and failing ,when I move ,I'm flailing now" - Dammit, Blink 182

"when you smile I melt inside, I'm not worthy for a minute of your time" - First Date, BLink 182
"and you're blind to the fact that my heart is stopping, and i"m as good as dead." - Sincerly Me, New Found Glory
"Take my heart, and please don't break it " - Tainted Love, Soft Cell

"hey remember, how you gave me shit? And I made it lemonade out of it." -Lemonade, Tsunami Bomb
"we're so cool, yeah yeah, we're so cool yeah yeah..fuck you too. cool." - Cool Shmool, Bratmobile.
"maybe you're just on crack, Why am I the one who gets fucked up and confused?" - Enthused, Blink 182
"why, are you acting like your someone else, why , can you stop thinking abou yourself?" - Why, reset.

" 'they' laugh at my dumb jokes when no one does" - Josie, Blink 182 ( had to change it to 'they' because most of my friends seem to laugh at the dumb shit I say )
"Laughing at the bands we hate, all the spots we used to skate,They're still there, but we've gone our own ways, I know it's for the best but sometimes I wonder ,Will I ever have friends like you again?" - Lemmings, Blink 182
"And it's happened once again,I'll turn to a friend,Someone that understands,Sees through the master plan" - Dammit, Blink 182

"boring, all right" - Boring, Blink 182

"I'm going on a man hunt..." - that man hunt song ( LOL! )

" the little things, little things, they always hang around, the little things little things, try to break me down. the little things little things, they just won't go away, the little things little things make me who I am today." - Little Things, Good Charolette
"And I know it hurts,But you're just getting older,,And I know you'll win.You'll do it once again " - I'm Sorry, Blink 182
"Push it out ,Fake a smile ,Avert disaster just in time " - Story of A Lonely Guy
"Pray tomorrow ,Ends up better " - Every Time I Look for you, Blink 182

"Don't bide your time,'Cause it is almost over,And I know you're down,And I'll see you around" - I'm sorry, Blink 182
" I was so stupid then, you needed time to grow" - Untitled, Blink 182
I'd add more, but AOL is being a whore, and keeps kicking me off.
damn you aol. the whore bastards. ( lol that didn't make ANY sense)
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